Meet amahla

Amahla (1)

At only 21 amahla has already performed twice at the prestigious Roundhouse venue, been mentored for her songwriting by Beyonce and Britney songwriter Carla Marie Williams and received a 1st class BA from UCL.

amahla blends the retro and the new for a raw take on contemporary Neo-Soul. amahla’s unique tone and powerful succinct social messages permeate all her music and touches her audiences whether she performs solo or with her band.

Taking inspiration from the great 1960’s African-American vocalists of resistance and merging it with her East London upbringing amahla will be the next great name in British soul. If you’re looking for something unique, she is it.

Rising Imge Mahalia

What is the first song you remember hearing?

The earliest musical memory is a toss up between my grandmothers “My bonny lies over the ocean” and John Holt’s “Morning of my Life”!

What song changed your life?

The Animals “House of The Rising Sun” changed my life. It was one of the first songs I learnt on guitar and performed live. It was incredibly scary because I was quite shy, but that song really has a special place in my heart and let me know I could make it as an artist.


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