Old Soul OUT NOW

– words from amahla

So my debut single is now out. Ive had to manage my panic and excitement for what feels like forever. But today something that started off on the piano in my living room is everywheeeeere. Thank you to @o_t_t_a for playing some sexay guitar on the track and to everyone that supported me this far. I can just imagine 12 year old me telling people I wanted to be a singer but seeing it as so distant from where I was at the time. Today marks another chapter that I get to take you all on. And I’ll also get to post that banging chorus 😎 if you like please share with someone you think will also appreciate. Nuff love always Mah x #OldSoul

Listen here: https://amahla.fanlink.to/OS


Single Old Soul Cover Art.png

Old Soul was written and co-produced by amahla.

Production: amahla, Nathan Johnson and Seymour Milton.

Guitar: Otta Bayley, Seymour Milton

Organ: Seymour Milton

Piano, Vocals, Hand Percussion: amahla



Thank you to everyone who played a part in the journey of this record. 



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