Consider This OUT NOW

My debut EP ‘Consider This’ is now available for the world to hear.

1. Consider This
2. Old Soul
3. River
4. Dorothy’s Verses
5. These Times I’ll Wait

Listen Here

Artwork by Ami Vadi
Black and White ‘Amahla’ Photography Credit: Narcography
Young ‘Amahla’ Photography Credit: Mum

All songs written and arranged by Amahla
All songs mixed and mastered by Cam Deas

Consider This

Vocals: Amahla

Old Soul

Produced by: Nathan Johnson, Seymour Milton, Amahla 

Guitar: Seymour Milton, JD Juan
Keys: Amahla, Seymour Milton
Hand Percussion: Amahla


Engineered by: Likkle Jay, Amahla

Vocals: Amahla 
Keys: Noel Chambers
Guitar: Amahla
Bass: Devon White

Dorothy’s Verses

Produced by: Amahla, Seymour Milton

Speech: Granny
Vocals: Amahla 
Backing Vocals: Amahla, Ella Changlee, Valentina Walls 
Keys: Seymour Milton, Amahla 
Guitar: Otta Bailey 
Violins: Ella Changlee, Valentina Walls

These Times I’ll Wait

Vocals: Amahla

Thank you to everyone that contributed to this record.

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