Apathy OUT NOW

Hi there, my new single Apathy is OUT NOW!

It was premiered by Clash Magazine yesterday they casually gave me the quote of my life:

“The Hackney riser has a deeply intelligent approach to songwriting, one that merges the personal and the political.”

Clash Magazine

A few months ago I began to feel disillusioned with politics and the world. So at one point I just decided to stop, turn off the TV, stop watching the news and reading the newspaper. I wrote Apathy about that feeling that sets in after. When you realise your newfound comfort is the ability to turn things off, a privilege that many don’t have. 

Each time I listen, it stirs up so many emotions, the harmonies bring me peace but the words have so much conflict. 

Right now I’m trying to make music that stirs action from Apathy. 

Listen here

Written and produced by: Amahla

String Arranger: Josh Wilde
Vocal Arranger: Amahla

Guitar: Amahla
Backing Vocals: Amahla
Bass: Josh Wolfsohn
Violin: Ella Changlee
Cello: Mat Roberts

Recording Engineers: Antonio Lewis, Linus Hakansson, Cam Deas

Mixed by Cam Deas
Mastered by Likkle Jay
Artwork: Ami Vadi

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